Apple writes letter to U.S. Congress denying reports of Chinese hack


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Apple’s vice chairman of knowledge security, George Stathakopoulos, has denied that the corporation was hacked by China following news reports of interference within the natural philosophy offer chain of several major U.S. companies. though Apple bought servers from Super small, an organization that utilized reportedly compromised hardware in constructing its product, Apple claims that its security tools would have picked informed any malicious manipulation of its systems.

A recent report instructed that members of China’s People’s Liberation Army had compromised the provision chain of major natural philosophy makers, transcription for the insertion of a little chip on server boards that were sold-out to the San Jose, California-based Super small pc. Apple was one among the businesses equipped by Super small and was cited within the original news reports as a possible victim of the hardware hack. In his letter to Congress, though, Stathakopoulos staunchly denied the claims.

“Apple’s proprietary security tools area unit unendingly scanning for exactly this sort of outward-bound traffic, because it indicates the existence of malware or alternative malicious activity. Nothing was ever found,” he wrote within the letter to each the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, quoted by Reuters.

That statement was perennial to the press, and Stathakopoulos claimed that Apple saw no malicious chips or vulnerabilities in its hardware, nor had it been involved with the law enforcement agency to warn regarding such compromises. Those statements were created by Associate in Nursing Apple proponent. nice Britain’s Cyber Security Center and therefore the U.S. Department of Homeland Security created follow-up statements indicating that they need no reason to doubt Apple’s assertions.

Despite such denials, Bloomberg, the publication that skint the first story, has stuck by its claims that it believes Apple and as several as thirty alternative U.S. firms and government organizations were compromised. However, it’s been noted that a number of Bloomberg’s claims were dependent on one anonymous supply aforesaid to be at home with the matter, therefore proof for a few claims isn’t well supported.

Apple isn’t the sole company cited within the original reports to deny the hacking claims. Both Amazon and Super small pc have released separate statements denying the hardware interference represented within the original Bloomberg article.

Apple writes letter to U.S. Congress denying reports of Chinese hack


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